A sharp eye for detail and a strong understanding of business is critical when it comes to corporate law. Jaswal Johnston's clients expect nothing less.

​A detailed approach is fundamental to all aspects of corporate law. From incorporating a new business, to exit strategies and disposal of an existing business and everything in between, Jaswal Johnston LLP has become trusted adviser to a wide range of individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally.

Incorporation, Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale

From the start of it’s business life to sale or termination, every corporation will require legal advice it can trust to ensure it develops and retains the most secure business structure possible. Our clients have relied on us at every stage of the corporate process, including incorporation of new companies, extensive due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and private equity investment, as well as disposal of whole or subsidiary organisations by corporate bodies often registered outside the United Kingdom.

Shareholder Agreements, Succession Planning and Exit Strategies

As corporations grow, so does their shareholder base. Senior executives move on to other organisations, or retire. In every case, looking ahead is vital and this requires sound strategic advice, meticulous planning and detailed legal documentation. The Jaswal Johnston Corporate team works collaboratively with UK and international corporate Boards to help them through every step of these processes.

Franchises and Contracts

Franchise and distribution agreements are complex, particularly if they involve multiple franchisees or organisations. Clients have turned regularly to us to create master franchises – from which individual franchise networks are born – or purchase franchise agreements on their behalf. Distribution arrangements for the film, fashion and IT sectors have included multi-national negotiations to ensure all parties are appropriately represented in legal and financial documents, including Heads of Agreement and contracts.


Corporate investment in commercial and residential property in London and the Home Counties is commonplace. Working in conjunction with its Real Estate team, our Corporate team specialises in the acquisition and disposal of properties ranging from £5m upwards, particularly for companies or groups of investors with one or more offshore jurisdictions.