Entering into significant economic transactions for a construction project without written contracts is a serious risk. Nowhere is this truer than construction projects which are high in cost and high in complexity. A written contract on a construction project is crucial as it outlines obligations to those involved and how risks will be shared or divided.

Due to the high level of costs involved and the assets produced, a well-written contract for construction projects is pivotal. All too often those who don’t use written contracts find that memories of the agreement and the details can change over time, particularly when disputes arise. With contractual agreements in place disputes can be managed if parameters have been well-crafted and clearly defined.

Our Construction & Engineering team takes a commercial approach to drafting contracts. Practically speaking this means we look long and hard at the third parties involved, be they funders, purchasers or tenants and we assess the risks, their ability to manage risk and the price and the deal to ensure that what we produce in contractual terms considers all angles and all factors.

Over and above self-contained construction projects, which involve all manner of documentation from building contracts, professional appointments, collateral warranties, bank and surety bonds, guarantees and insurance analysis, we also offer a full property and corporate support service.

Our corporate service supports clients who aim to fund development projects and our property service supports clients who acquire interests in property which have recently been, or will be, constructed, refurbished or extended. Our work takes on a very specific focus which aims to protect our lender/purchaser/tenant clients in development funding agreements, sale and purchase agreements and agreements for lease. Our team is dedicated to making sure we address the construction aspects in these documents to protect our clients every step of the way.


  • Bespoke contracts
  • Building contracts – terms and conditions
  • Collateral warranties or third party rights – terms and conditions
  • Construction aspects of development, lease and funding agreements
  • EPC Contracts
  • Insurance advice
  • Performance security (bonds/guarantees) – terms and conditions
  • Professional appointments – terms and conditions
  • Training
  • Use of industry standard forms – JCT, NEC, FIDIC, ICE, MF/1, ACE, RICS, RIBA etc.